Welcome to my simple website. Feel free to browse my gallery I work with PASTELS and COLOUR PENCILS

Soft Pastel art double A3 Size

A3 size pencil portrait

Soft pastel art

Double A3 size pastel portrait

Soft pastel art

Pencil portrait

Colourful pastel art

3 different sizes. Large size turned landscape way is ideal for 2 or more pets

Pencil portraits from your photos

As a kid I found it quite easy to copy pictures/photos, so in every school lesson I found that if I drew something in my school text book, it would distract the teacher from all my bad spellings. I never enjoyed school but Art was easily my favourite lesson, other kids and teachers would always make a fuss about stuff that I'd drawn which was nice. Left school, straight into work as a painter and decorator, forgot about art. Got married at 20..., the children arrived.... Then 30 years passed and my daughter bought me some pencils and paper. I found that I still had the talent to draw, Facebook friends gave me the confidence to keep the drawings alive.
I'm still rubbish at spelling (predicted text helps). I'm still a painter and decorator.
I'm now also a part-time artist.

Pastel portraits. Painted in pan pastels and pastel pencils

Drawn from your photos

A4 drawings with mount. For this drawing i used polychromos pencils, felt tip pens, fineliners and drawn on Vellum pads

I enjoy drawing portraits for people, especially when I receive great comments, like "wow that's amazing! Thank you so much" "you've got her eyes perfect", "you made my friend cry, she loves it".... I'll keep drawing portraits as long as people want them.

Contact me for prices and details;- robhunt.art@gmail.com

Hi these are my choices and prices for an original piece of art work from your photos.... **please send me good quality close up photos first Not all photos are suitable (I will send you examples if needed)****


COLOUR PENCIL DRAWINGS All drawn in the best quality colour pencils and on Vellum paper pads

Small size Approx A5.

1 face only £75.

Medium size Approx A4.

1x face £150
Extra face £75.

Large size Approx A3.

1x face £200.

Extra face £100.

Each Full pet is same price but the photos must be good quality Colour drawings come with a fitted FREE mount


PASTEL ART PAINTING/DRAWING ****FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL **** Best for long hair, fluffy or curly fur a top quality piece of art work from your photos. All materials used are the best artist quality.

Approx A4 1x face £170. 1 face only this size


Approx A3. 1x face £220.

Approx A3. 1 Extra face £100.

Pastel art commissions come with a fitted FREE mount


A 20% deposit is needed before I start the commission (final payment after I have finished).

SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE (depending how the drawing fits in the paper size) I would require a small deposit to add you to my list.(non refundable)

ALL I REQUIRE ARE CLOSE UP PHOTOS OF YOUR PET *******Sending me the right photos to draw from are very important. If you want a work of art I need lots of details and the right pose.*******

All sizes are supplied with a *FREE fitted mount (colour drawings only) and FREE postage UK only* Postage overseas will be extra Terms and conditions are available on my website. http://www.pencilportraitsbyroberthunt.co.uk

Pencil portraits all hand drawn from your own quality photos

Please take some close up photos of your subject in good daylight at their face level. I could create a forever peice of art work for you to frame so the higher quality photo images I receive do make a difference. If you are unable to take any new photos then send me what you have. As I draw from the photo given to me it's essential that the image has all the details needed (I can send you some examples). I'm afraid that I cannot work with them if the photo images are not clear, dark, missing bits of face, etc.


Find me on my Facebook page pencil drawings by Robert Hunt.


Or on Instagram. 


A4 size drawing £110.

I draw pencil portraits from your good quality photo images. Head and shoulders of pets, people or even horses as long as I have a clear photo image I can draw a professional drawing. 

This is how it works

1. You send me photos (head and neck like a passport photo). If you want two pets or more drawing separate photos are best in the same light

2. Hopefully they are suitable to copy from, if not take some more photos.

3. Let me know if you would like A5, A4 or A3 size

4. I'll send you my payment details ( PayPal or bank transfer) and you pay the deposit.

5. I will give you an appropriate date for the finished drawing.

6. I finish your drawing, you pay final payment, i post your drawing with fitted mount.


Terms and conditions. Deposits are to secure a drawing and to add you to my list. Deposits are non refundable. Copyright Statement All drawings are copyrighted © by Robert Hunt. The use of any drawing/image from my work is prohibited unless prior written permission from the artist is obtained. The commissioned drawing is yours but the art images are the artists.   

Double pencil portrait on A3

Pastel art on A3